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About Us

KOR Foods was founded on the simple mantra – Eat Better Flour.  Wheat is a KEY ingredient in many everyday foods from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert foods.  By simply improving the ingredients to make sweet and savory foods, those wasteful carbs provide immediate healthy benefits

KOR Foods really thought hard before introducing a product such as Enhanced All Purpose Flour to the market.  With only 7% of the world’s population with dietary issues related to wheat, it was evident that the cooking and baking market has been searching for a ‘healthier option’


Taking a base ingredient like flour and improving its nutritional content through pulses or better known as plant based ingredients


KOR Foods has brought to the market the first of its kindEnhanced All Purpose Flour.

rural farm agriculture pulse plant based lentil pea protein faba bean

Environmental Statement

Lentils, peas, faba bean hold water naturally from when they are grown.  When using pulses especially in flour form, less water is required than normal (1-2tbsp).  On a large scale 1,000,000 loafs of bread made from conventional flour requires 15,000 litres more water.

KOR Foods uses resealable standing craft bags that can be recycled through your normal household recycling program.

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