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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are pulses?


A. Pulses are part of the legume family (any plants that grow in pods), but the term “pulse” refers only to the dry edible seed within the pod. Beans, lentils, chickpeas and split peas are the most common types of pulses.

Q. What’s the big deal with pulses?


A. Pulses are special because they have distinct health benefits apart from other legumes. Unlike legumes like peanuts and soy, for example, pulses are low in fat and very high in protein and fiber.


Q. What can I make with KOR Foods enhanced all purpose flour?

A. Enhanced all purpose flour allows you to make many baked goods from cookies, muffins, breads, loafs, pizza crust, breading agent, flat bread, and many more of your favourite foods.

Q. What’s is the difference between Enhanced All Purpose Flour vs Regular All Purpose Flour


A. Enhanced All Purpose Flour is made with 3 ingredient no artificial colors or flavors.  Conventional all purpose flour has its nutrients striped during the milling process, also known as refined flour, made from wheat grains after removing the brown covering. It is then milled, refined, and bleached.  Since it is made from the white starchy part of the wheat grain there is a great loss of nutrients.

Q. Is Enhanced All Purpose Flour gluten free?


A. No, Enhanced All Purpose Flour is not gluten free, our flagship flour was created to give those who love wheat a healthier option.

Q. Isn't gluten free healthier for me?

A. Depends on what your definition of healthier is.  Gluten free products have to incorporate other ingredients to make a product stable. (see illustration)

Q. Does KOR Foods have a gluten free option?


A. We are currently in the lab working on it.  We want to make sure our gluten free products don’t just replace one bad ingredient for another. 

Q. How will I know when your gluten free products are available?


A. We strongly suggest subscribing to our email list, Facebook page and Instagram account for all the latest products.

Q.  Where can KOR Foods Enhanced All Purpose Flour be bought?


A.  Available online at the KOR Foods store by clicking here.  Also, available as a local vendor at select Safeway locations in Calgary under the local vendor program, look out for the ‘Made In Alberta’ tag in stores.

Q. Your product isn’t available in my area or local grocery store.


A. Ask your store manager why they aren’t carrying KOR Foods Enhanced All Purpose Flour.  Let us know which store you would like to see our product and we will do our best to make it happen.

Q.  Do you provide local delivery options?

A. Yes we do!  Currently, we offer home delivery in Calgary area and the greater Vancouver area including the Fraser Valley.  During your checkout you can indicate if you want home delivery and we will provide you with delivery times.

Q. Where is KOR Foods head office?


A. KOR Foods is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Q.  Do you ship across Canada?  How much does shipping cost?


A. Yes, we do ship across Canada.  Shipping is based on the postal code you require delivery too.  If you order our 5 bag case or 10 bag case, we cover the shipping right to your door.

Q. I have a family recipe do I need to adjust my recipe?


A. No, our Enhanced All Purpose Flour is designed to work as a 1:1 replacement of your conventional flour.  This also applies to baking temperature time.

Q. Does this mean I don’t need to use a gluten content chart for measuring?


A. Yes, no need to use a gluten chart, Enhanced All Purpose Flour was formulated to be 1:1 replacement of conventional flour.

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